Carter's Child Care - The Beginning of Something Wonderful
Each child and parent must visit my home before placement will be accepted
If we agree that the child will be placed, the parent(s) must provide the following:
                  Carter’s Child Contract completed
                  Carter’s Child Care Handbook form signed
                  Registration fee $75.00 (annually)   
                  Authorization to apply a non-prescription topical skin product 
                  A completed child record form (must see copy of birth certificate) and a completed record of age-required immunization.
                  Children health information
                  Getting to know your infant or all about me
                  Provisions of the emergency prepardness
 and response plan
                  General permission for regular scheduled trips                                         
                  Information for parents form
                  Liability insurance form.
                   MAT written medical consent form (when needed)
                  Policy for the administration of medication form
                   Authorization to transport the child in my car with advance notice.
                  Authorization for field trips, (When needed)
                 General privacy policy form
                  General permission form
                  Emergency preparedness supplies for each child and a backpack your child can carry, change of clothes (long sleeve shirt and long pants, undergarments and sock and toe covered shoes, small toy or game, diapers if needed, wipes, baby bottle and formula if needed, Sippy cup, hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes, blanket, tissue and toilet tissue. 
                  Your child’s locker box must have two changes of clothes and socks. Parents of infants you are required to supply disposable diapers, baby food and formula, burping cloths, extra clothing, pacifiers. Parents please put your child/children names on everything. Before and after must have at least one change of clothes.
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